Take A Dip in the Honey Jar of  Learning
Designed By: Jeanine Walker

pooh reaching for honey jars in a cabnet

Greetings, my name is Jeanine Walker, I am from the beautiful city of Stone Mountain, Georgia. I am currently enrolled in my first professional block  in the Early Childhood and Reading Education program here at Valdosta State University. I plan to graduate in December 2008 and further my education even more by obtaining my Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education. I come from a family of wonderful educators who I plan to model my teaching after. One day we plan to open an educational family run program for children.  My  dream of becoming a teacher will give me the perfect opportunity to impact children's lives in a positive way.

me and my mother, father, and brother

I love spending as much time as possible with my loving and supportive family. We have a special family tradition of going to the sunny state of Florida every Christmas break to visit Mickey Mouse and all his wonderful friends at the Walt- Disney World theme park, Magic Kingdom. We also like to travel and visit family members from the Mid-West by way of St. Louis Missouri to the East Coast by way of Ohio. While I 'm not traveling and spending time with my family I like to read books, hang out with my fantastic friends, and shop. One day I would love to travel to Bloomington, Minnesota to visit the largest mall in the United States of America, Mall of America.

pooh reaching for honey                                                                                               pooh in a honey cave

There are many resourceful educational websites for teachers on the internet. One website that I found very useful for teachers is Scholastic which not only is helpful for teachers but helpful for students and parents. Crayola is another fantastic website for teachers.

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Ways I Can Intergrate Technology
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