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Working with children has always been a passion of mine. My mother is a special educator and as a child I have always admired her and loved everything that she does. I decided that I want to one day teach deaf/blind children after I learned about the huge deficit in the field. After working with her and other teachers I absolutely fell in love with all of the students I've had the pleasure to meet and work with. I am a senior this year at Valdosta State University. I am currently working on my degree in Special Education with a specialization in Deaf Education with the hope of pursuing my masters in Vision after I graduate Spring 2010.

    My Family
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  Me and My Sisters                           My new husband and I

 Mom and Dad                           My Grandma


I am passionate about many things, and monkeys are definitely my favorite animal but most presently I have become passionate about American Sign Language. This site is a free resource for all types of signs for almost every word in the English language. Recently, I completed all four of the ASL courses at VSU and have become an active member of the Deaf Community in Valdosta. Family is also very important to me. I got married August 2009 and I am enjoying this new chapter in my family live.

My Babies!!!

Sebastian                                               Roxy


I am passionate about teaching and I come from a family of teachers. My mother has been a special educator for over 35 years and has always fostered a love for learning in all three of her daughters. As a future educator and a student I have had opportunity to research and utilize several wonderful web sources. I would recommend the site 4teachers.org to teachers for enrichment and learning experiences. Another website I would recommend for teachers is the Georgia Association of Educators webpage which has grade appropriate standards and resources for lesson plans and activities.

My sisters and I when we were little

              Me,                         Kati,                            Rose

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