This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs. Duncan's Kindergarten Class at Lomax-Pinevale Elementary School By: Jerica Whatley, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


How many people know who made the first American Flag?  Well this topic quest will give us information about the American Flag, and what the stars and stripes stand for.  What are some of our countries symbols?  Also what are some of the important symbols for Georgia?

Here is a picture of Betsy Ross with the first American Flag.  Look here and find all kinds of interesting facts about her.  She is also the first person to sew the American Flag.

Look at the Washington Monument pictures.  There are all types of different picutres here.  Take a look at all of them and see which one you like the best.  Maybe one day you will have a chance to visit the monument.
The bald eagle is almost an extinct animal.  We need to find a way that we can save the few that we have left in the world.
Take a look at our national bird the Bald Eagle.

There have been a lot of Presidents that have controlled our country.  Good ones and bad ones look at the pictures and pick your favorite President.
Take a look at some of our past and present Presidents.

What is terrorism?  On September 11, 2001 we had people to mess up our country.  Those people made our country become one big happy family after the terrible things that they did to us.
Follow Spotty throught the White House for a tour.  Look at what Spotty has to show you in the White House he lives there everyday.  He will show you some really cool things that the Presidents do in their house.
Look at a picture of our state flag (Georgia).  This is our new state flag.  We have had a lot of fidderent flags for our state and this is the one that we will be using now.
Do you know what the Georgia State Bird is?  Have you ever seen one of these birds before?  If not take a good look at this one and see if you can find one when you go outside and play.
Do you know what our Statue Of Liberty stands for and where it is?  Did you know that our Statue of Liberty stands for freedom and equity?
Who is Uncle Sam?  Click here and see what the government has to say about Uncle Sam.

Now that you know a little about the American flag and our country lets explore a little more.  I want you to imagine that you are doing a big project and you have to find out information about our countries flag, and our state.  What is the second most important symbol in our country besides the American Flag?  You can find that out by going to Statue of Liberty.  What is the state bird of Georgia?  You can look for this information on Georgia State Bird site.  You can also find information on the new Georgia State Flag.  There is more information on that at Georgia State Flag site.  Last but not least I want you to color an American Flag and the Georgia Flag.  Now let's get to work my little friend.
Mission Steps:
1.  Now that we have gone over the mission together I want you to go and visit the web site to find out what the second most important symbol to our country is.  Make sure you write it down so you will not forget it later on.
2. Now go and find the information on the Georgia State Bird.  Write this down also.
3. Now to find what I asked for about the flag go to the Georgia State Flag web site and write down the information about our state flag.
4.  Now go back to your desk and color the two flags that are on your worksheet.

American Flag Lesson Plan