Little Red Riding Hood
Author: James Marshall
Page Designed By: Jerica Whatley

    Little Red Riding Hood is about a little girl named Little Red Riding Hood whose mom tells her one day to go and take some food to her grandmother's house.  Little Red Riding Hood has to walk so before she leaves her mother tells her to be careful and reminds her not to talk to strangers.  As she is walking she gets stopped by a wood chopper and he asks her where she is headed.  She tells him to her grandmother's house to take her some food because her grandmother was not able to come and get the food.  She continues to walk toward her grandmothers house then all of a sudden she meets the big bad wolf.  At first she had no idea that the wolf was bad so she talks to him and while they are talking he asks Little Red Rididng Hood where her grandmother stays and she tells him.  They decide that they are going to play a game to see who will get to grandma's house first Little Red Riding Hood or the Big Bad Wolf.

     When Little Red Riding Hood gets to her grandma's house she notices that the front door is already open and she finds that really strange because grandma had no idea that she was coming and she always had her door closed. So she goes into the house and calls her grandma's name and heads to her bedroom to give her the food.  When she gets into the bedroom she notices that grandma looks a little strange.  The big bad wolf had hidden her grandmother and was dressed in grandma's bed clothes and laying in grandma's bed pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother.  He did this so that he could trick Little Red Riding Hood. She says oh grandma what big ears you have, what big feet you have, and lastly what big teeth you have. 

    Finally the big bad wolf replies the better to eat you with my dear and tries to eat Little Red Riding Hood.  But just as the big bad wolf was about to eat Little Red Rididng Hood the wood chopper came to grandma's house and saved Grandma and Little Red Riding Hood from the wolf.

Critical Thinking Questions

1. What would have happened if the wolf was not in grandma's house?
2. What would have happened if grandma went to Little Red Riding Hood's House instead of her coming to Grandma's house?  Would the wolf still be in the story?
3. What would happen if Little Red Riding Hood was friends with the wolf?
4. What would have happened if the wood chopper did not come to grandma's house to save them?

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