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sylvHello everyone! My name is Jerica Whatley, and I am a Junior at Valdosta State University.  I am currently seeking my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education I plan on completing my studies at VSU in May of 2005.  My goal one day is to teach kindergarten in the public school system in the state of Georgia.

 tweety I love to play intramural basketball, softball, and flag football at Valdosta State University.  My favorite websites to go to on the Internet are Tmobile so that I can download things on my cell phone.  I also like to visit the Looney Tunes pages to see what kind of new pictures there are of Tweety Bird and friends.

dsna I have lived in only three places in my whole life.  First I lived in Birmingham, Alabama where I was born.  Then when I was 9 years old my family moved to Alpharetta, Georgia which is close to Atlanta.  Now I live in Valdosta, Georgia where I go to VSU.

I have been at Valdosta State University for three years now.  I am a Junior in the Early Childhood Education Department.  I live in the dorms and really like it.  The reason that I chose Early Childhood Education as my major is because I love children.  I love them so much that I have decided that I want to become a teacher one day. 

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