Dreams Come True in Education
Designed By Jessica Nelson

Cinderella's Castle

    My name is Jessica Nelson and I am 21 years old. I am at junior at Valdosta State University, majoring in Special and Early Childhood Education.  I currently substitute in the Valdosta City Schools, where I am getting used to having my own class. I will graduate with my master's in Special Education and Early Childhood and plan on teaching in my hometown. I hope to teach a third grade inclusion class.

Special Olympics Our Grandchild Brittany holding a dry soap bubble

       I grew up helping my mom coordinate the Special Olympics for Clayton County, where I worked with the low functioning students. I would help the students blow bubbles, play music, and roll around on a big bouncy mat. The students were not able to run the races, but they had just as much fun. I am also highly active in my church, Conyers First United Methodist Church in Conyers, GA. I spend my Christmases helping my church give Christmas presents to needy children in our community through the Angel Tree Program.

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    As I have began to observe my mentor teachers, I have found how crucial teacher related websites are to the classroom and relieving teachers of unneeded stress. For teachers with ActivBoards, Promethean Planet provides already made lessons for any subject area that can be used in conjunction with the ActivBoard. As a future teacher of students with special needs, I heavily rely on sites that cater to those specific needs. TeAchnology not only provides lesson plans and rubrics for general ed students and students with special needs, but it also provides help with IEPs and other paperwork-related topics for teachers.

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Student Resources

Social Studies
Art Museum
Belle Reading
Seven Dwarfs
Sleeping Beauty w/ Animals
Aladdin's Castle
Cinderella Coloring Page
Reading Rainbow
Cool Math
Science News
Brain Pop
National Gallery of Art

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