Excel 2003 Notes
CISM 2201
Valdosta State University
Class Lectures, Excel Basics, Excel Tips, and Practice and Test Preparation

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Class Lectures

Lecture Word Document PDF Document Excel
Right mouse click workbook, Save Target As, and save to diskette, jump drive, or your computer
Budgets 428kb 343kb Budget Workbook
Growth Rates (updated 1-18-06) 307kb 241kb Growth Workbook
Absolute Cell Referencing 503kb 95kb Absolute Cell Referencing Workbook
If Statements (updated 9-12-05) 291kb 198kb If Statement Workbook
Linking (updated 9-12-05) 709kb 353kb Linking Workbook
Dates, Sorting, and Payroll (updated 9-15-05) 384kb 469kb Formulas Workbook
Business Models

1. Create a rectangle, add shading, and add text: 11.2MB
2. Change the Line Color and Line Weight: 5.7MB
3. Copy a Drawn Object: 2.2MB
4. Draw an Elbow Connector: 5.8MB
276kb 260kb Open a New Excel Workbook
Transferring Financial Data to Excel 437kb 339kb Open a New Excel Workbook
Statistics (updated 9-19-05) 1.4MB -- Statistics Workbook

Excel Basics

  1. Excel Window
  2. Formatting and Standard Toolbars on Two Rows
  3. Viewing and Selecting Additional Toolbars
  4. Mouse Shapes
  5. Toolbars
  6. Text Wrapping
  7. Merge and Center
  8. Entering Dates
  9. Formatting Numbers
  10. Using the AutoSum, Using the Fill Handle, and Adding a Border
  11. Selecting Nonadjacent Cells, Adding Fill Color, and Adding Font Color
  12. Inserting and Deleting Columns or Rows
  13. Increase or Decrease Column or Row Width (cell displays #####)
  14. Convert Numbers to Text
  15. Sheet Tab and Tab Color
  16. Page Setup: Adding a Footer
  17. Display Cell Formulas
  18. Linking Data

Excel Tips

  1. Cell Formulas
  2. Using The Fill Handle
  3. Absolute Cell Referencing
  4. If Statements - Text
  5. If Statements - Cells
  6. If Statements - Calculate a Formula

Practice and Test Preparation

  1. Practice Worksheet #1 - Totals
  2. Practice Worksheet #2 - Stock Portfolio
  3. Practice Worksheet #3 - Horizontal Analysis
  4. Practice Worksheet #4 - Payroll Deductions
  5. Practice Worksheet #5 - Commissions
  6. Excel Review Worksheet

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