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          Hi everyone!!! My name is Jamika DeAudrea Curry. I am a junior at Valdosta State University, and I am an Early Childhood Education major, which I love! I just started my first professional semester, and I am extremely dedicated. I plan to graduate early by completing my third block in the summer of 2010 and my last block the following fall. I want to begin teaching as soon as possible!!! I love interacting with children, and I cannot wait to do so on a daily basis! After graduation, I plan on teaching immediately while pursuing my doctorate. Yes, I have very high expectations. I firmly believe that it is the job of the educator to lay the foundation for our children, and it is the job of the children to build off of that foundation.




As one can see, I absolutely love butterflies, but there are two things that I love even more. Two of my other favorite things are children (of course) and music. I have five younger siblings, ages two months to seventeen, so one can imagine how my love for children developed. In high school, I was in the Phantom Trojan Marching Band (dance line) and the DCHS Performing Arts Chorale, so I can't get enough of singing and dancing! If I had to choose between the two, dancing would triumph.

        I was a member (3 years) and captain (1 year) of the
Dougherty Comprehensive High School dance line, the Dougherty Dazzling Dolls (3-D). 3-D, along with the band, has won numerous competitions and is widely known throughout the state of Georgia. Now that I am in college, I do not dance anymore because I can't seem to find a program that interests me, besides, my main focus is my education. Maybe one day I will dance again or be the head of some type of dance organization at whatever school I may be working at.



        There are many websites available to the public that I recommend for teachers and parents. One of these websites is dedicated to the Georgia Performance Standards. This site can be helpful in showing parents the types of things that their children will be learning. Parents should really take advantage of this site. Just click on this to access it ----------> GPS! A website that I would recommend to teachers is one that contains about 3500 free lesson plans, To access this website, click on this--------> Lesson Plans!

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