Make Way For The Alphabet Train

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Drumheller's Kindergarten class at S.L.Mason By Jennifer Wilkinson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Learning the alphabet can be tough!  I am here to help!  Below, you will find many fun and exciting web sites to visit.  Do you like to play games?  If you do, you have come to the right place!  Put your hand on the mouse and let the FUN begin!!

Come let the alphabuddies teach you the alphabet.  Click on any letter
you like, and enjoy the fun!
Sometimes we have trouble remembering all the letters of the alphabet. 
If you ever forget what a letter is, let lil-fingers help.  All you have
to do is click the mouse on the letter you want to hear. 
Come help the alphabears ride the roller coaster at the Pawpark.  They have to be 
in alphabetical order before they can ride!!
Are looking for some fun and entertaining alphabets games?  Alphabet Soup will have you busy playing games for hours!
Did you know that there is a dinosaur that begins with EVERY letter of the alphabet?  Go to this dinosaur page and find out interesting things about these dinosaurs!
Have you ever wondered what the alphabet is all about?  Well, now is your chance, go to the encyclopedia web site and search for anything about the alphabet you wish.
Are you ready to meet Mrs. Alphabet?  Well, she is ready for you! She has tons of fun games and exciting activities on her web site.  You can even sign the wall!
This cool web site tells you all about the Chinese alphabet.  Come visit this web site and find out what the Chinese alphabet looks like.
 Do you believe in magic? Come to this magical web site to see alphabet magic! 
This cool web site is the home of the ABC game.  After you play the ABC game, check out the other cool games on this web site!



Scenario Mission

You are a cashier at Wal-mart and there is an "L" sale going on!  Everything that begins with the letter "L" is on sale!  Mr.  Henderson, your boss, has asked you to go to the on-line store and find items that begin with the letter "L." You have to write them down so he will be ready when the big sale begins on Saturday! When you find all five items, you will draw your favorite one on Microdoft paint program.  Do you think you can do it?  Okay, Let's get started!

Mission Steps
1.  Go to the Wal-mart web site with your teacher.  Search the on-line store to find items that begin with the letter "L."
2.  Write five of the "L" items on a piece of paper.
3.  Draw your favorite item on a piece of paper, with the markers your teacher gives you. 
4.  Explain to your teacher what you have drawn and she will put it on the Internet for everyone to see!

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