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     ** My name is Jane Teasley, and welcome to my home page! I am currently a junior at Valdosta State University. My major is Early Childhood Education, which is offered through the Department of Early Childhood and Special Education at Valdosta State University. I have resided in Valdosta all of my life, so my roots with the community run deep here. Growing up with so many wonderful teachers during my career as a student has really inspired me to become an educator. I am thankful for this opportunity, and I am so excited to begin my professional journey in becoming a teacher! **


**      For those of you who are unfamiliar with Valdosta and its surrounding areas, there is always something

going on in Valdosta, or in one of the beautiful towns nearby. One of my favorite events out of the year is

Valdosta’s Brown Bag Concert Series held in front of the courthouse, on the lawn. My Dad’s band,

 Skannyardle, and many others, join in the festivities to bring the community together for food and fellowship

throughout the first week of May.

        Another local event I fell in love with as a child, is the Hahira Honeybee Festival. Hahira is a lovely town,

especially when the leaves are changing their colors, and the October air is more crisp than usual! Children

and adults may enjoy assorted food & refreshments, yummy candies, arts & crafts, bluegrass music, a beauty

pageant, and a parade! There is fun for all to be had at these local events. I am very supportive of our local

communities because I believe they are worth salvaging and improving for our future generations to enjoy!

These events and others, along with other useful information, may be found in Valdosta Magazine and the

 Valdosta Scene.                                                                                         


            Aside from participating in community events, I enjoy swimming, visiting the beach, reading books,

listening to music & attending live concerts, camping, experimenting in the kitchen with new recipes, riding my

bike, and walking my 100lb. Chesapeake Bay Retriever-Lab mix, Oteil, who has earned the nickname "monster

dog"! Because I love my hobbies and my dog so much, I try to donate my time and resources to others as much

as possible. Sometimes, time is hard to come by, so I found an easy way to give when time is scarce. I click on

these donation sites at least once a week so that I may help others try and enjoy life as much as I do! Here is a

link so you can also donate with  just a click of a mouse! Visit the Animal Rescue Site and start giving today!*
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    * * In order for students to be prepared for class, teachers and parents need to maintain active involvement in

school preparation and activities. Here are a couple of websites to jumpstart any teacher or parent who just needs

an extra hand! The educational website,
TLS Books,
includes links to lesson plans and other useful resources for teachers.

Interesting activities and learning worksheets are free to the public! Teachers may pass out the worksheets for the  class to

complete individually, or use a particular worksheet to instruct a lesson on the Smart Board, or other central learning device.

might find the Sesame Street website a little more enjoyable because the site instructs the parents on
how to teach

lessons and then allows for total interaction between the child and the parent to make learning fun at home!

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* *e-mail me at: jcteasle@valdosta.edu **