Let's Take a Look at Patterns and Shapes
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page was developed
for Miss Carter's Kindergarten Class at Echols County Elementary School.
Designed By Jenna Corbett, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.



Patterns are made of many different objects.  Patterns can be made out of numbers.  Do you know your numbers?  Click here to learn your numbers.

Did you know you can make a pattern out of different shapes?  Come check out this website to learn about different shapes.


Did you know that you can learn how to make a pattern on the internet?  Click here to practice making patterns.

Do you know what a pattern is?  Let's watch this video to see what makes up patterns.

Making a Book Real World Activity
    Today we are going to pretend we are authors and illustrators.  After we have learned about patterns.  We are going to draw different patterns to make our own pattern book.  You will draw five different patterns to make your book.  You may use any colors, shapes, numbers, or letters to make you patterns.  When you are finished drawing the patterns, you will color each pattern.  You will then make a title page for your book.  After that we will put each pattern together to make "Our Book About Patterns."
Steps to Complete Real World Activity
Step 1) Think back to what a pattern is.  Remember it can be made up of anything as long as it is
             repeating.   Click here if you need help remembering what a pattern is.
Step 2) I will give you 5 pieces of white paper.  On each piece of paper you will draw one pattern.
Step 3) You will then color each pattern. 
Step 4) When you are finished making five patterns.  You will make a cover page.  It will have your name                   on the front of it and the title "Our Book About Patterns."
Step 5) The last step of our activity is to put the pages together.  We will staple them together. (I will                   come around to help you)

Topic Literature Activity

Circus Shapes
Written By: Stuart J. Murphy
Illustrated By: Edward Miller

Cirucus Shapes

Shapes, Shapes, and More Shapes
A. Pencil    Practice making your own patterns and shapes.
B. Understanding
   1. Was the monkey playing with a rectangle or square?
   2. What shape does not have any corners?
   3. How many shapes have four sides?
   4. What shape are the white horses making?
C. Critical Thinking
   1. What are some shapes in our classroom?
   2. Can you find a pattern in our classroom

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