Down on the Farm
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs. Freeman's Kindergarten Class at Lake Park Elementary School
Designed By Jenni Edmonds, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

a pig

Do you like to drink milk? Do you know what animal it comes from? If you read the Story of Milk you can learn how  milk makes its way from the farm to your fridge.

Every farm animal makes a different noise. Do you know what noise a pig makes? What about a cow? Go and visit the farm animals on this site to find out what noise each animal makes.
Have you ever been to a farm? At Barnyard Palace you can see what a farm would look like if you were flying above it.  You can also visit the different animals, like the horses, to learn how to take care of them. What does a horse eat?
Chickens are very important to farmers. Do you know that they are used for? If you don't know, just visit Farmer Joe and let him tell you some fun facts about chickens.

Future Farmers of America
    Now that you know about different farm animals, you are going to pretend that you are a farmer. You just bought a farm and have to pick out what animals you want to have on it. You will draw a picture of your first and favorite farm animal. Then you will write three sentences about that animal. When you finish, Ms. Edmonds is going to display your pictures on the internet so that everyone can see what animal you chose.

Future Farmer Steps:

1.)  Go to Farm Animals  to identify the different farm animals.

2.)  Pick the animal that you want to buy for your farm.

3.) Draw a picture of your animal.

4.) Write three sentences about your animal.
         Here are some examples of sentences that you may want to write:
  • I see a ______.
  • What does your animal look like? What color is it?
  • What does you animal eat?
  • What noise does it make?   
5.) Remember to start sentences with capital letters and end with periods.

6.) Turn in your papers to Ms. Edmonds.

Topic Literature Activity
My Trip to the Farm
by: Mercer Mayer

book cover of My Trip to the Farm

Topic Literature Activity
A. a farm  Milking a cow is one of many chores that needs to be done on a farm daily. Visit and read the Story of Milk to see all the steps that Little Critter's grandpa has to take when he milks his cow.
B. four questions of understanding about My Trip to the Farm
1. What did the goat eat?
2. When did Grandpa milk the cow?
3. How many piglets did the mother pig have?
4. What horse did Little Critter want to ride?

C. Critical thinking questions based on My Trip to the Farm
1. What chore would you have wanted to help out with, and why?
2. Which farm animal would you want to be, and why?

cheer bear
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