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Hello, my name is Jenni Edmonds. I am currently a junior at Valdosta State University where I am majoring in Early Childhood Education. I recently was accepted into the teacher education program and am currently in my first professional semester. After I graduate I plan on continuing my education and getting my Master's in child psychology.

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Music is very important to me. My favorite band is The Beatles. Most of my friends tell me I have an old soul and that I was born twenty years too late. I love the seventies era, especially the music and clothes. My mom is a big influence in my life. She encourages me daily and is one of the reason why I have chosen to pursue a career as an elementary teacher.

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Although I have lived most of my life in Lake Park, GA, I have traveled to several different states. I love visiting new places and someday hope to travel the world. Australia is the first place I want to go. It is beautiful and I love the accent. I always thought it would be interesting to live in a foreign country and teach. That way I could gain a better cultural understanding and still do something that I love.

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After looking over several websites for teachers and students I have found the Scholastic website to be one of my favorites. It offers lesson plans, activities, teaching strategies, and even has a teacher store. Another website that seemed useful was Funbrain which is more student oriented. It is filled with educational games covering most subjects including math and reading.

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