Fabulous Food Groups
This TopicQuest was designed for Ms. Freeman's Kindergarten Class at Lake Park Elementary School.
Designed by Jordan Covington, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Food Guide Pyramid

Food Pyramid

Food pyramid
  What is a food pyramid? Visit this website to learn what a food pyramid is and what it looks like! Then we will look at each group individually.
Bread Group

Bread Group

 The grain group is made up of carbohydrates which give us energy to play and learn!  It is the largest group and it forms the bottom of the pyramid. Click on this website to find out more information about the bread group.
Vegetable & Fruit Group

Fruit GroupVeggie Group

Can you name some of the fruits and vegetables that belong in these groups? Some fruits and vegetables can be sweet, sour, crunchy, or soft. We should have 2-3 servings from this group a day. Visit this website to learn more about fruits and vegetables.
Meat Group

Meat Group

Fish, poultry, chicken, and eggs belong to this group. We should have at least 2-3 servings of this group a day.  This website teaches you why the meat group is so good for our bodies.
Dairy Group

Dairy Group

This group contains milk, yogurt, and cheese.  We should at least have 2-3 servings of this group a day. Why is this group so important? To find out why, check out this website about the dairy group.

CandyJunk Food

Sweets, oils, and fats belong to this group. Cake, candy, chips, french fries are what we usually call junk food. These foods are ok sometimes, but eat them sparingly.
Fact Monster


Facts about the Food Groups!
Just For Fun!


Can you put healthy food in the refrigerator? Take this quiz and see what you know about healthy foods! Good Luck!

Food Pyramid

Mission Activity

Imagine that you are a chef today! You are going to prepare a healthy meal for your family and friends but first you have to go to the grocery store.  A good thing to have before you go shopping is a grocery list so you will know exactly what you need. The websites you explored earlier will give you some clues about what foods to have on your list.  If you need some help, try exploring the food pyramid website.  On the sheet of paper there will be the name of each group so you can remember to have a food from each group. Instead of writing out the name of the foods, you will look in magazines, cut out pictures, and glue them to your list! Have fun and good luck!

Mission Activity Steps

1.) Visit each of the websites above.
2.) While you are viewing each website, think about what kind of yummy healthy food you want to draw on your grocery list.
3.) When you return to your desk, you will be given markers, and a wide strip of white paper with "Grocery List" at the top.
4.) Start searching through the magazines and glue the foods under the correct categories that you want to prepare for the meal.
5.) When you are done, show your teacher and tell her which foods belong to which group in the pyramid.
6.) Share with the class.

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