This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Marci's Pre-K Class
at Cook County Preschool
 By Jessica Schmidt, a Valdosta State University
 Preservice Teacher

Bears, Bears, Bears!!
Hello kids, who wants to learn about bears? What they eat, where they live, and how they sleep? Well my beary little students we are going to learn a lot about friendly bears! We may run into some scary bears but we can stop them and we will find out how!!
Do you want to learn and play with the Berenstain Bears? They can teach you many different things you may not already know.
Yogi The Bear can help you learn many different thing in his fun land. He can help you learn how to count and teach you your ABC's. Come join the fun at Yogi's Special Place!

Winnie the Pooh wants you to come and join him on his adventurous  playground. He has lots for everyone to do from learning how to read, to listening to Pooh read aloud.

Are you feeling grumpy today? The Care Bears will be on their way. They can help your day become alot better with the help of their games!
Do you want to help the Bear in the Big blue house? You can help by making postcards, playing mix and match games and a whole lot more. So come join the fun!
Brother Bear wants you to help him with a project.Can you come along and help Brother Bear paint a picture? He loves to paint so join in the fun!

Mission Activity
Going on a Bear hunt, Going on a Bear hunt!! Your job is to find out how many species their are of bears, what they eat,where they live and how they move.You will visit the sites above to help you on your journey to find out more about bears. Have fun on you bear hunt!!

Mission Steps
1.You will need to visit all the websites in order to answer these questions, if they are not helpful visit
2. Name 2 different kinds of species of bears.
3. Tell me where bears like to sleep, what they like to eat,where they live and how they move.
4. Draw  a picture of the bear you found to be the most interesting
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