Dive into the Ocean
This Topic Mini- Research & Literature Web Page
 was developed for
a first and a third grader
by: Jamila Johnson

Go to the Tropical Ocean to see some of the animals that live in the salty water of the ocean. Which ocean animal is the most interesting to you?

Starfish use their hundreds of feet to allow them to move. What happens if you try to pick a starfish up?  Click here to find out.

Crustaceans are very common in the ocean. Do you know what a crustacean is? Have you ever eaten one before? Click here to find out.

Jellyfish have a "sting." Find out if jellyfish are really fish. What do jellyfish use their tectacles for?

Ocean Real World Activity
Get ready! We are going to pretend we are divers and take a deep water swim through the ocean! We are going to see many different kinds of animals that live in the ocean. Be careful because some might be harmful! We will swim ashore and talk about everything we saw. Once back in the classroom you will draw a picture of two ocean animals that you liked the best, and write an interesting fact about each. Lets dive into the salty water and see what we can find!!!!
1. Go to the Tropical Ocean and look at some of the animals that you might find in the ocean.
2. Find a ocean animal you like and draw it.
3.Write down some interesting facts about the ocean animal.
4. List some foods that your ocean animal likes to eat.
5. Share your picture and information with a partner.

Topic Related Literature Activity

The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor Literature Activity
Critical Thinking Questions

1. Do you think you would enjoy yourself if you had Miss Frizzle as a teacher? Why or why not? Why do you think Miss Frizzle takes her student on field trips?

2. Miss Frizzles magic school bus can take you anywhere. If you were a student in her class where would you like for the bus to take you?  Why?

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