Get the Skinny on Safety

This page was designed for Mrs. Moore's Kindergarten class
at S.L. Mason Elementary School by Jamie Griffin,
a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Boy and Dog Fireman

1. Swimming can be fun but you also need to learn about the water and what can happen in the water.  There are also several water safety tips.

Smarty2.  Join Smarty and learn about how to be safe around electricity.  Follow along in this coloring book.

3.  Discover in this website all the different parts of a bicycle.  Learn the laws regarding riding your bicycle.

Hershey4.  Follow Hershey, the arson dog through this website on fire safety.  In this website you will find puzzles and quizes.

Captain Kiddie5.  Let Captain Kiddie show you about home safety.  There are tips for parents and kids.


fireworks6. Fireworks are very beautiful, but they can also be very dangerous.  Learn about who should light fireworks and some tips for public displays.

7.  Farms can be fun and there are alot of things to do and see.  Staying safe is the first priority.  This site gives helpful tips.

School Bus8.  Riding in cars and buses gets you to places fast.  You can have alot of fun with your parents are friends.  This site gives tips on how to stay safe while riding or driving in a car or bus.

Lightning  9.  Visit this website and learn all about lightning.  Learn what it feels like to be struck by lightning.

10.  Let Vince and Larry take you through the halls of  safety city.  Here you will find all kinds of information on safety.

Safety in My Home
Scenario Activity

Your parents have asked you to come up with a safety plan for your home and an evacuation plan if the need for one should ever arise.  Since your parents have given you this big responsibility, you take this job very seriously.  You will need to draw pictures of what could happen and what you would do if something did happened.  You will need to draw pictures of things you would use and tell what they do.  You will also need tell how a person would use them.  Visit Kids Fire Safety Tips for information. 

For more information, see my Topic Lesson Plan

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