~Lets Count to Ten~
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
was developed for Mrs.  Brown's Pre-K Class at Quitman Elementary School
Designed by Stacey Matthews, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Can you count the bunnies? This site gives a different amount of bunnies and you have to count them and select the correct answer. Happy Counting!!
Can you write the numbers 1 - 10? This site will has number tracers that will help you learn to properly write the all the numbers between 1 and 10.
Math1 Do you know how to count to 10? This counting story will help you learn about the numbers and learn to count them!
Do you like to count? Do you like Sesame Street? This Sesame Street site had a great way for you to learn to count your numbers 1 - 10 and keep them in order!  Elmo says learning your 123's is just as easy as your ABC's.

~Counting to Ten~
Now that you have learned to count to ten, you next challenge is to match the number of objects with its number.  You job will be to put the numbers 1-10 in the correct order.  On each page you will draw the number of fish, that goes with that page of the book. If it is number 3, then you will draw three fish, until all ten pages are completed.

Steps to Completing Your Counting Book
1) Get ten pieces of construction paper and staple together down one side.
2) Write the numbers 1 -10 on the papers in order, how we learned them from the Counting Story.
3) Get your crayons and draw the amount of fish that go with the correct number for each page of the book. Example:        number 1 gets 1 fish, number 3 gets 3 fish, etc.
5) Write your name on the outside of the book, and decorate the front cover.

Topic Literature Activity
Ten Little Fish
By: Audrey Wood


Topic Literature Activity
A) Math2  Couting Bunnies
B) Four questions of understaning about Ten Little Fish.
1) How many fish are in this story in the beginning?
2) Why did the one little fish go and hide, and how many fish were left ?
3) When there were only three fish left, and one waved goodbye, how many fish were left?
4) How many fish did where left in the end?
C)Two critical thinking questions based on Ten Little Fish.
1) If you were the fifth little fish who stopped for a snack, what kind of snack would you have stopped           for?
2) If you were the last fish left alone, who would you have met, and what would the two of you done?

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