Music:  An Alternative In Education
Designed By:  Jalisa Brown

Musical Instruments

My name is Jalisa Brown and I am currently a junior at Valdosta State University.   My major is Early Childhood Education.  Upon graduation, I would like to teach Kindergarten.  I have lived in a number of places within my lifetime.  I have lived in Washington D.C., Oklahoma, Germany, North Carolina, and now here in Georgia.  My parents had two children; my sister and me.  I am the oldest child by two years.  

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I am an individual who is interested in music.  I love music, as a matter of fact!  Here at VSU, I sing in the Valdosta State University Mass Choir.  It is a wonderful organization to be a part of.  You can find out more about us from the Valdosta State University Mass Choir group on Facebook.  I have been a member since my Freshman year and each year it gets better and better.  I cannot stop singing. If I am sick and can hardly talk, I still have to sing; I just cannot help it.  Music and singing, what can I say, it's my passion!

Music Notes
As teachers, it is important to be aware of the changes in education.  The Georgia Department of Education website is a helpful source that will keep teachers informed about education and educational changes.   Another website, teachers. net, is also useful for teachers.  It contains a variety of resources, news letters, and also job listings.  Take a look for yourself!

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