Should mobile computers and devices be banned from the classroom?

Are mobile computers and devices too distracting in the classroom? Why?

It really depends on the type of mobile device. Some computers are brightly colored and click when you key data into them. Some are more neutral colored and are quieter when you key and click on them. I personally think that they are too distracting.

Should instructors, departments, or entire schools be able to ban mobile computers and devices in the classroom? Why or why not?

Absolutely! A school, department or instructor should have complete say in what is allowed to be brought into their classrooms and if they do not want those types of devices in their classrooms they should be able to create policy to prevent them from being allowed.

What are proper and improper uses of mobile computers and devices in the classroom? Why?

Proper uses would be keying in lecture notes as the instructor says them aloud in class or copying them from the overhead or black board to keep from having to write them.

Improper uses would be surfing the internet while you’re supposed to be taking notes or paying attention, checking and sending email, or face booking.

Is the use of a mobile computer and devices more of a distraction than taking notes or doodling in a notebook pad during class? Why or why not?

Depends on the student, if the student is truly not interested in what the instructor is saying he or she will surf the internet on a mobile device or doodle on their note pad. If the student is interested in what the instructor is lecturing on he or she will almost always pay attention and take notes.