fallThankful for Fall!
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Whitman's Pre-K Class at Cook Primary School. Designed By: Brooke McCranie, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.


    During fall, the leaves begin changing colors and start falling from the trees.  Do you know why the leaves change colors?  Here's a fun video to watch about fall leaves.
hay         Do your remember what holiday is in the fall of the year?  This holiday is Thanksgiving.  This website goes through the alphabet with different Thanksgiving foods.
pump       Pumpkins are a big part of the fall season too.  Now you can learn more about pumpkins and even fun tips on carving pumpkins.  Here's a website where you can carve your own pumpkin.
oak       Did you know that autumn is another word for fall.  The two are the same season, but have different names. To learn more about autumn, visit this website.
rake        Do you know why the turkey so important at Thanksgiving? Try out the fun turkey trivia website to learn more
about the turkey.

~Mission Activity~

      Now that you have all learned about why and how leaves change colors in the fall, we will go outside and explore for ourselves. As we go outside, each one of you will gather your very own fall leaf to take back to the classroom.  When we get back to the classroom, you will use a magic tracing trick to trace your leaf with crayons.  Then we will glue our leaves we found outside on our paper next to our picture.  Once the entire class has finished, we will make our own "Fall Leaves Collage" book to place in our classroom.

~Mission Activity Steps~

1. Today we will be learning about how leaves change colors in the fall.

2.  Along with your teacher, explore the website on leaves changing colors and watch the video to better understand why the leaves change colors in the fall.

3. As a class, we will now all go outside to see and collect some of the leaves that have fallen from the trees outside your school. You will each collect one leaf of your choice.

4. When we get back to the classroom, you will have a seat at your table and sit very quietly.  Now your teacher will give each student a special piece of tracing paper so you can make your own leaf picture.

5. Using a crayon, you will place your paper on top of your leaf and lightly color over it.  Remember the colors of the fall leaves.

6. As soon as you have finished tracing your leaf, glue your real leaf that you found outside on that same piece of paper beside your traced leaf picture.

7. When you finish your leaf pictures, we will make our own "Fall Leaves Collage" book to put in the classroom.



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