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This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Lambert's Kindergarten Class at Echols County School.
Designed by Haley Creamer, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Turkey in a hatThanksgivingTurkey in a hat

Click on the picture to visit the website.


What is the defintinion of Thanksgiving?  This website provides the deifinition of the national holiday Thanksgiving.

Do you want to know what the first Thankgiving was like?  This website provides a video
clip that will recapture the first Thankgving.


This website provides a picture timeline of the Mayflower voyage.


Do you want to see what kind of clothes the pilgrims wore? This website contains pictures and discriptions of pilgrim clothing.
Indian eating with Pilgrim

Do you know what a turkey looks like? This website provides several pictures and facts about turkeys.

Turkey Hiding Behind cornTurkey Hiding Behing CornTurkey Hiding Behing CornTurkey Hiding Behing Corn

Mission Activity
Pilgrim holding a sign
Close your eyes and pretend that you are a pilgrim.  We just boarded the Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor, England.  Our destination is America, where we hope to find peace and freedom.  We arrive in America and set up a colony. We call this colony Plimoth.  During our stay, we meet and become good friends with the Wampanoag Indian tribe.  William Bradford,the govenor of Plimoth Colony, has declared that we have a feast to give thanks for our first harvest.  To prepare for this exciting event, we will need to design an outfit to wear.  After looking at the website on pilgrim clothing, you need to draw the outfit you would like to wear to the first Thanksgiving.

Mission Activity Steps
Talking Turkey
  • Visit the picture timeline of the Mayflower voyage.
  • Next, visit website about Pilgrim clothing.
  • Imagine that you are pilgrim preparing for the first Thanksgiving and need an outfit to wear.
  • Draw the outfit you would like to wear to the first Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

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