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This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Joy's Pre K Class at Cook County Primary School.  Designed By: Holly Tawzer, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

This website in an online encyclopedia about Autumn, which is another name for Fall.  The basic information for the season Autumn is on this site.
Do you want to know why the leaves change color every year? This site explains why they change color and fall off the trees every year.

Do you know the difference between a pumpkin and a jack-o-lantern.Do you want to learn how to make a jack-o-lantern out of a  pumpkin.  this webstie has all the facts to show you how to make your very own jack-o-lantern.
Do you want to learn why so many fields turn white like snow in the Fall? Its a crop called Cotton  and it turns white when its ready to be harvested. Learn about the cycle of cotton at this website.
Do you want to know about the Fall holiday of Thanksgiving? This website has some important imformation about that special holiday.

Mission Activity
You get to show the class that leaves are not always green, they change colors depending on the types of trees that they are when the season Fall begins.
You will draw and color your own picture of what leaves look like in the spring and summer, and how the leaves look in Fall.
  The website about leaves changing color will help you learn all the information you need to know.
Good Luck!
Mission Activity Steps

1. Explore with your teacher the website about leaves changing color for information to use with your leaves.

2. Draw and color your own leaves from spring and fall.

3.Display the leaves in the classroom for the whole class to see.

4. Give your drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.

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