Dance into Education
Designed by Haley Hancock

Dancing Elephant and Omar

"Life's A Dance, You Learn As You Go"

My name is Haley Hancock.  I am twenty-one years old.  I am a junior at Valdosta State University and plan on graduating in the Fall of 2010 with my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education.  I recently transfered from Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, after graduating with my Associates of Science.  I want to be a first grade teacher, and eventually do something in Administration, and maybe even oneday teach American Literature at the college level.  I enjoy working with young children, and hope to make a difference in their lives in any way I can.


I was born and raised in Tifton, Georgia.  I have two wonderful parents, and a older sister who attended Valdosta State, and recently graduated with her Masters in Early Childhood/ Special Education.  I love working with children and have always been told that I needed to become a teacher, because of my patientience, when teaching other people.  I have the best friends a girl could ask for.  I danced for thirteen years and cheered for six years.  I have a huge obsession with animals and plan to do something outside of my teaching job, that requires working with animals.  Anytime my television is on, it is always on Animal Planet.  I have a huge heart and want to make a difference in not only students lives, but animals lives as well.
Me and My Favorite Puppy
Me and My Friends
Me and My Other Favorite Puppy

I am super excited about becoming a part of my students lives, and striving to help make a difference oneday.  Educational websites are a great way to expanded students knowledge, in a fun and effective way.  Some great websites that sparked my interest were Education World, and Enchanted Learning.  These websites have been evaluated by a group of teachers and picked to be some of the most useful websites for elementary teachers.  The two websites I have provided should be full of information and very helpful.  I believe that if you can put a smile on at least one persons face throughout your day, then you have accomplished something great.


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