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Underwater Creature from Finding Nemo
    My name is Heather McRae.  I am an Early Childhood Education Major at Valdosta State University, FINALLY!!!  It's been a long journey and I still have a long road ahead of me but I'm really excited to begin!  I love learning and teaching others what I have learned and cannot wait to watch as my students explore and discover new things. I love my family.  I enjoy traveling but do not often get the chance. I've been to Maui and Oahu, Belize, Mexico, and the Bahamas. They were all great vacations and experiences for which I am so grateful, but I have never stayed anywhere too far away from home for an extended period of time. I would love to go somewhere different and absorb a little culture.  I plan to hit the road (or sky or sea) as soon as I graduate and go somewhere new and exciting.  I haven't decided where yet but I can't wait!

    I also love music and you can listen to some for free with Pandora!  I like to sing and dance and have recently attempted to play guitar.  I'm awful so far but I haven't had much time for practice.  School and work have taken up most of my time.  Now that I am publishing the fact that I have a guitar and a goal to learn how to play it, I will be motivated to find the time to practice (and maybe a teacher).

    For more educational resources, try these websites: Bright from the Start, Ed Helper, Parent's Education World.  The first website reveals Georgia standards, additional resources, links, and reading materials.  The second has links to help students in each subject. Both websites will be valuable to teachers and parents. Educationalworld.com also offers information for the teachers and parents, but the link I have provided is specifically for parents.

  Me with Jason

My sis, dad, me, and BudDog



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