Mother Goose Tells All
    This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Hudson's Kindergarten Class at W.G. Nunn Elementary by Heather Tanner Ross, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

mother goose reading

       Hello boys and girls.  Mother Goose would like to share some of her nursery rhymes with you.   you can use the links below to surf the web for coloring pages, games, and information on nursery rhymes.  You can also listen to music while you read the nursery rhymes.  Hurry... to see what Mother Goose has waiting for you.

ladybug, ladybug fly away

You will love looking at the pictures as you  listen to these nursery rhymes They will make you want to dance.

humpty dumpty

You can impress you teacher and your friends by printing these coloring pages and showing them off after you color them.

little bo peep

You can make your own nursery rhyme booklet or  one for a friend.  After you finish the coloring book you will have your very own book of nursery rhymes.

itsy bitsy spider

The nursery rhymes on this page are set to great  music that will make you wiggle all over.  You can sing the words as you dance to the music.

five little monkeys jumping on the bed

Who is mother goose? Find out in the encyclopedia. You can also find out the history of some well known nursery rhymes here.


Paint your own nursery rhyme pictures here.  Your parents will be amazed at how well you can paint when you show them your paintings.

cat and the fiddle

You can find an online coloring book here and many nursery rhymes that you can enjoy reading.

three men in a tub

Many of Mother Goose's rhymes have gotten mixed up.  See is you canunscramble these rhymes. 

old lady who lived in a shoe

You can find more nursery rhymes with music and coloring pages here to tell your friends about. 

beatrix potter book cover

This website has an online book that you can read.  Ceciliy Parsley's Nursery Rhymes by Beatrix Potter is a great book filled with nursery rhymes.

Mission Project

    You have been asked to be an illustrator for Mother Goose's new book.  Mother Goose needs pictures for all her nursery rhymes.  She will be using your pictures in her new book so they will need to be your very best work.

    Mother Goose would like for you to draw a picture of your favorite nursery rhyme and then color it.

       The TopicQuest Page has some links you might want to stop at in your search for nursery rhyme information. The Mother Goose Tells All website tells about nursery rhymes by Mother Goose. 

Have a Good Trip!

Mission Steps

  1. Explore with your teacher Mother Goose Tells All  for information to               draw pictures for Mother Goose's new book.

  2. Describe to your teacher what happened in your favorite nursery rhyme       that you are going to illustrate. 

3. Give your drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.

care bear

apples addition

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