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A social studies unit created by Heather Tanner Ross, Vanessa Sims, and Angie Roberts.

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“Not for Ourselves, but Others”  

George II, the king of England from whom our state of Georgia acquires its name, orchestrated his vision of refuge for the poor, while simultaneously creating a model society of justice, morality, and Christian religiosity through James E. Oglethorpe.  Philanthropist and humanitarian, James E. Oglethorpe, led 114 of England’s broke, busted and disgusted citizens to establish the last of our original thirteen colonies, the Colony of Georgia.  From Georgia’s humble beginnings, James E. Oglethorpe spearheaded the only one of its kind with the settlement of Savannah.  Georgia now forms the largest state east of the Mississippi River.

Debtors Prison

georgia tales A Treasury of Georgia Tales: Unusual, Interesting, and Little Known Stories of Georgia
Garrison, Webb

    This book has many stories about the history in Georgia.  The stories give details so that the readers can feel as if they are experiencing history first hand.

James Edward Oglethorpe
Blackburn, Joyce

This book is a biography about James Oglethorpe.  The book describes the events in his life including the colonization of Georgia.

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 Joyce Blackburn

    This book, based on actual archeological evidence found at the Hird Site, is a fictional account of the daily life and first romance of a colonial girl at Frederica. The story takes place in 1742, the year the Spanish from St. Augustine attacked the English settlement.

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Joyce Blackburn

    Bloody Summer is the companion to Phoebe's secret diary. Jack relates events leading up to the Spanish invasion of St. Simons Island in 1742 in his diary. The adventure in the book are based on actual events.

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Everyday Life in Colonial America
Dale Taylor

     This book tells about the aspects of life for new colonists in America.  It includes section on family life, fashion, earning a living, what colonists ate, climate, goegraphy, trade, and much more.

Web Sites:

James Edward Oglethorpe
This website includes a short biography about Oglethorpe.  It briefly tells the story of how Oglethorpe founded the colony of Georgia.

Oglethorpe's English Roots
Where was Oglethorpe from?  This website has pictures of Oglethorpe's childhood home and other interesting facts about his life.

Images of Oglethorpe
Do you know what the colony of Georgia looked like during colonization?  This website has many original pictures of Georgia during colonial times.

Children in Colonial Times
What do you think children did during the colonial period?  Explore this website to find out how children spent their days.

Letters from the Georgia Colony
What was Oglethorpe thinking while he was exploring Georgia?  You can look at letters that Oglethorpe wrote during the colonization of Georgia on this website.

The New Georgia Encyclopedia

Find articles and images from all aspects of Georgia on this website.  It also includes links to other historical websites.

Historical Maps of Georgia
How do you think Georgia looked during colonization?  Look at maps of the early Georgia colonies on this website.

Georgia's Forts
Take a look at a few of Georgia's forts.  This web site take you on an interesting tour of old Georgia.

Georgia Stories
This website has many resources for students and teachers.  You can find study questions and read stories about Georgia.

The Dawn of Oglethorpe's Georgia
Find out more about Oglethorpe within this web site.
A synopsis  of  Ogelthorpe's new explorations into Georgia, settlements and people.


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Lesson 1: Introductory Lesson 
  teach Lesson 2: Focus Lesson: Inquiry Learning
map Lesson 3: Geography Lesson  
Lesson 4: Technology Lesson 
collaborate Lesson 5: Collaborative Activity       


  Teacher Resources:

Product Cover  This book includes many crafts and activities that students can make while learning about the colonization of America.  It includes activities such as stitching a sampler, pitching horseshoes, making an almanac, churning butter, tying knots, making a corn husk doll, and more.   The illustrations provide sequenced explanations of the activities.
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Every teacher needs an atlas.  The atlas can be used to show the students exactly where an event took place.  It will give the students a sense of where they are on earth and where events took place around them.

The Education Place is a good resource for teachers. This web site has  an abundance of historical information  related to almost any topic.

Themepark is a web site full of historical information about the early colonies of the new world.  There are also endless links to similar information.

Education World makes available lesson plans and other teacher resources.  Teacher can explore this web site to get ideas that will enhance any lesson.

Pre/Post Test:

1. List three problems the colonists faced on the ship during the             voyage to Georgia.

2. Why was the colony of Georgia created?
      A.  Georgia had many resources which attracted the colonists
      B.  It was a place for the debtors from England to start over
      C.  England was crowded and people wanted to come to Georgia
      D.  To trade with the Indians in Georgia

3.  What year did James E. Oglethorpe settle in Georgia?

      A. 1540
      B. 1732
      C. 1741
      D. 1733

4.  What reasons did James E. Oglethorpe give for desiring to settle England’s poor in North America?

5. Oglethorpe founded Georgia but where did he come from
      A. The colony of South Carolina
      B. Spain
      C.  England
      D.  Florida

6. What are three geoghraphical characteristics of the newly                 founded colony of Georgia.

7. If you, an original Georgia colonist, were confronted by the             natives, what should you do?

    A. Ignore them
    B. Trade with them
    C. Attack them
    D. Leave

8.  Name three necessities that the colonists must have.

9. Name three important characteristics needed to create a tableau.

10.  What are tableaus?
    A. Magazines with articles about famous people
    B. Stone tablets with ancient writing on it

C. Live recreations of a photograph or painting
    D.  Artifacts found in a museum