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    My name is Hannah Hoy and I am currently attending Valdosta State University to become a kindergarten teacher. I am working in the Early Childhood and Special Education Department I am working to earn my Bachelor's Degree and I have about another year and a half to go.  Everyday I come closer and closer to my goal of finishing school so that I can help enrich little minds.

    I love working with little kids because they are so much fun and are so care free. I never thought that I would one day work with little kids because I did not think that I would have the patience to handle them or control them. I discovered that I was wrong when I became a camp counselor during one summer. I had to care for seventy kids that were five to eight year olds with a couple of other camp couselors. These kids were amazing and I really enjoyed my time caring and watching after them.  I cannot wait until the day that I get to enrich those children's little minds to help them become something great. I know that I am going to be working really hard to reach my goal, but with the help of a couple of good teacher aids, I will be able to make it. A couple of websites that might be helpful are the Georgia Department of Education Website and a site for lesson plan ideas.

    I believe that I am a happy person and that I thrive on other people's happiness. I enjoy nature and all of the wonderment that it has to offer. All aspects of nature really intrigue me and make me wonder how it all started and where we came from. Another one of my favorite things is music, as you can tell. I have a strong love for classic rock and I am a sucker for a good guitar solo. I get a lot of my taste in music from my dad. One other interesting thing about me is that I love animals. I am such a sucker for a cute face also. I love all animals and before I decided to become a teacher, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I have a strong passion for animals and love to and try to help them in anyway that I can.  Life can be interesting with the cards that it deals you, but living it to the fullest is the only way to live at all.
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