Miss Crews' Thanksgiving Fun
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Corbett's Kindergarten class at Lake Park Elementary School by Hayley Crews, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. Yummy! It's time for Thanksgiving, and it's a wonderful time to taste great food and learn fun things. Did you know that the Indians and Pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving together?

What is Thanksgiving? Read this encyclopedia entry to better understand! It gives a great, easy-to-understand definiton!
at Would you like to know exactly what happened at the first Thanksgiving? Click on the picture to go and play fun games that have to do with Thanksgiving!
What did the Pilgrims and Indians eat at the first Thanksgiving? This fun page lets you know how they ate and what their cultural customs were at that time.
Would you like to learn about the first Thanksgiving? Thsi site has lots of good information on the holiday and why Thanksgiving is such a big celebration in America.
pilgrim dress
What did the Pilgrims wear to Thanksgiving dinner? Try and imagine yourself in these clothes!
Turkeys are interesting animals. Did the pilgrims and indians really eat turkey at the 1st Thanksgiving? Did you know the first turkeys were in Mexico?Click on the turkey and find out some fun facts on this interesting bird!
You can make your own place cards for your Thanksgiving dinner table. Wouldn't it be neat to have your own name in the place where you were going to sit? Click on the turkey to print out your own place card!
What really happened on that first Thanksgiving day? Find out some common myths and truths of the first Thanksgiving.
Do you want to do some fun activities for Thanksgiving? This website has lots of neat ideas and fun books to read!
What foods were served at the feast in 1621? Did they have turkey and dressing? Or was it more like, deer meat and squash? Click on the family to find out the full menu!

Scenario Mission

Today we are going to talk about Thanksgiving and we'll try to figure out how the first dinner went. What kinds of foods do you think they ate? What do you eat for Thanksgiving dinner? The pilgrims invited the indians to their Thanksgiving meal, do you invite people to eat with you on Thanksgiving? Let's pretend we are pilgrims and talk about how that first Thanksgiving dinner went! We can learn about Thanksgiving dinner by visitng a website about the Thanksgiving meal.

Mission Steps
1. Get the children excited about talking about Thanksgiving.
2. Probe them to answer questions about things you want to discuss.
3. Let them pretend to be pilgrims and answer your questions from that perspective.
4. Get them to draw a picture of what they have for Thanksgiving dinner.
5. The children will use their 5 senses to describe their picture.

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