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Hayley K. Crews


Hi! My name is Hayley Crews, and I am a Senior in the Early Childhood Education program at VSU.  Currently I am on the 5 year plan, so I am anticipating a long senior year! I am hoping to pursue a job working with pre-k or kindergarten. I love reading children's books, and Eric Carle is my favorite author. I also enjoy watching the movie Cinderella and children's programming on PBS with my niece, Madison.



I am the third child in a family of 4. I have an older sister, Ansley. She is married to Jonathan and they have one beautiful daughter, Madison. My older brother Tye just began teaching in Charlotte, NC. He is a special education teacher at an elementary school there. He recently popped the question to Cristina, my future sister-in-law, and we are all excited about a July wedding next summer.  My youngest brother Spencer just started college this fall at UGA. My mom is a principal at St. George Elementary, and my dad is a P.E./health teacher, coach, county commisioner, Athletic Director, do it all kind of guy.

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Originally I am from St. George, GA, in Charlton County. Since you probably have no idea where that is, let me explain. Close your eyes, and picture the state of Georgia. Got it? Ok. Do you know where the dip is in the bottom, eastern corner? Well, I live in the bottom of that dip! It's hot, swampy, and mosquitoes can be a real problem! Football is everyone's favorite pastime, and if you happen to drive through town on a Friday night, no one will be out. They're all at the game!!! I am a HUGE football fan and enjoy going home on the weekends to cheer on the Cahrlton County Indians! I am also a huge Florida Gator fan and have season tickets. I look forward to September every year, because with it comes college football. My youngest brother Spencer disappointed the whole fmaily by beginning his first semester of college at the University of Georgia!

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I am very involved in my church, Gateway Baptist, where I serve as Youth Director.  Jay Johnson, who is also my best friend, assists me in all that I do with the youth! We have been told that to be in youth ministry you have to be a little nutty, so I guess that is why we are working with them! We have been at the church since the beginning of the summer. It's awesome ministry, but a lot of hard work! We are hoping to have a really good group, but right now we are working with 8-10 kids. It's been very challenging, but rewarding as well.
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I also enjoy going on trips to other countries. I have visited Kenya, Burkina Faso, and Zambia, which are all in Africa. I have also been to Mexico and El Salvador. Most of these trips were through, or in association with, the International Mission Board. The IMB is a branch of foreign missions sponsored by the Southern Baptist Convention. I hope to continue my travels and possibly one day be a full time career missionary. I am planning on going to Calcutta, India either this summer, or next.



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