On The Go!
This topic quest page is dedicated to Mrs. Brannon's kindergarten class at Clyattivlle Elementary School by Heather Yates a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

traffic signals

     Do you know how many different ways there are to go from one place to another?   Do you  know how to stay safe when you ride a boat?  Who invented the train?  How does an airplane work?  If you have ever wondered about any of these things this is the place for you!  Buckle up, because we are taking off into the wonderful world of transportation.

Otto the Car
Otto's Playland is a fun site for kids to learn about safety.  Kids learn about stoplights, bike safety,  getting to school safely, and what clothes to wear to keep you safe.  Kids can take a safety quiz, make a safety card, play games, and send an e-mail to Otto.
Cedy's world is a site that gives information about different types of Mercedes-Benz cars.  Information about car racing, how cars work, and anything from black ice to phototsynthesis.  Kids can get a Cedy's world driver's license and then race on the race track, or they can play other games that involve building a car, going through mazes, or playing games with balls.
semi truck
This site gives infromation about what kinds of transportation you might see in Texas.  There are 18 wheelers, buses, and cars.  This site also gives some information about airplanes and ferry boats.

traffic signs
In this Transportation Wonderland you can find out fun facts about your favorite type of transportation.  Do you want to know more about airplanes, cars, boats, trains, buses or semi trucks?  Who ar some of the most famous people in the transportation industry?
airplane Airport is a cool airplane site.  At this site kids can learn about the history of airplanes and how airplanes work.  Kids can also learn some basics about airplane safety, and how to make some paper airplanes.

trolley car
Transit People provides a brief history of transportation.  Important aspects of the train era, the car era, and some of the problems with cars are discussed.  Forms of public transit are also discussed.

elmer the safety elephant
Kids can play with Elmer the Safety Elephant to discover new things about bus safety, train safety, bike safety, and traffic safety.  There are several fun safety games and color sheets that kids can color. 

Larry and Vince the safety dummies
Safety City is a place where Vince and Larry teach kids that they can learn a lot from a dummy about safety.  Kids can learn about school bus, bike, and pedestrian safety.  Kids can also learn about Garrett Morgan and take a safety quiz.

train Totally Trains! gives information totally about trains.  Different types of train engines are explained, as well as different types of cars.  To find the difference between a box car and a caboose head on over to this site.
girl looking through binoculars
At this website kids learn about different kinds of boats, boating safety rules, boating terms, and different types of paddles for boats from the Boating Sidekicks.  Kids can also learn the basics of fishing from the boating sidekicks.

red airplane


Pretend that you are Joe the pilot, Vince and Larry's cousin.  Vince and Larry have invited you to come and visit them.  While you are visiting them you decide that it would be a good idea to share some information about airplanes and some airplane safety tips.  Visit the Airport webisite for some information and safety tips that you want to share with Vince and Larry. 

Step 1:  Visit the Airport website and learn about some of the airplane safety tips that you want to share with Vince and Larry.
Step 2:  Write and illustrate a sentence about airplanes.
Step 3:  Write and illustrate a sentence about airplane safety.
Step 4:  Share your pictures, and tell us about the airplane safety rule you drew about.

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