Little Miss Sunshine
Written and Illustrated by Giles Hargreaves
Picture and Story by Heather Yates

Little Miss Sunshine is going for a walk.

       One day Little Miss Sunshine decided she would go for a walk.  She went for a very long walk.  She walked so long that eventually she had walked to a town that she had never been to before.

        This was a very strange town, because no one was happy.  Everyone was sad because it rained all the time.  The people could not remember a time when it had not been raining.  The rain made Little Miss Sunshine sad, but then she had an idea.

         Little Miss Sunshine called her friend, Mr. Tall, to the town.  Mr. Tall was so tall that he was able to grab all of the rain clouds and throw them into the ocean again.  That made everyone happy, including Little Miss Sunshine.

Critical thinking questions
1.  What would you have done to make the town happy?
2.  What would have happened to the town if Little Miss Sunshine had not come along?

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