Conservation is Cool
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Drumheller's Kindergarten class at S. L. Mason Elementary School By Jade Shivers, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Ready for a wild adventure? Thought so! Then find out what's going on in the world of conservation.  Conservation has become a big topic in the news and if you know what it is then you are a step ahead for all the others that may not know exactly what conservation is then this site will help you.  Come explore with  the exciting and interesting world of conservation.

Have you ever wondered exactly what conservation is? Well you can  find out  what is means here.
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Learn more about recycling. Includes games, activities, facts.
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If you like to color then visit these awesome recycling site  Just Click on the page that you are interested in and print it out to color!
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Learn about paper making, recycling, and how they effect the environment. Site includes info on paper crafts, trees, and careers working with paper.
Get an in-depth look at the dirty world of solid waste. Sections include info about garbage, recycling, and how to live a life that creates less trash.
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Explore ways to reduce the amount of garbage that you and your family throw away. You can also play fun games, read an interactive story, and learn about what the government is doing to help clean up the environment.
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Learn about reducing, reusing, and recycling. Find out how to reduce the amount of garbage produced in your home and put waste in its place.
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This fun website Includes games and features about salmon and wildlife, hazardous substances, recycling, and choosing recycled products. Why don't you come explore this fun website?
earth day
Do you know when Earth day is? Well here is your chance to find out what Earth day is all about. Read quick Earth Day recycling and reusing tips and tricks here.
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Did you know that even little things you do and help save the Earth.  Click here and find out ways to help us save the planet.

You can make a difference
Here is your chance to help make the earth and cleaner place to live.  Today we have learned just what recycling is now we can do and activity the shows you just what recycling is all about. Did you know that even seeds can be recycled? Well they can and that is what we are going to do today.  We are going to take an ordinary seed and recycle it into a beautiful plant.  Sound Fun?

Mission Steps:
1.  Think of some things that you can do to help recycle things around your house.  If you get stuck or need some help you can look back at this help tips page.
2.  You will be given a cup that you will fill up with paper towels and wet the paper towels with water.
3.  Then you will be given a couple of seed to place in your cup.
4. Sit back and what you seed recycle itself into a beautiful planet just for you.

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