Let's Spring Into Spring

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Jenny's Sp. Ed. Pre-K Class at Hahira Elementary School By Hannah Durham, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

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Spring is a wonderful season! This is the season when the new flowers begin to grow, baby animals are born, we fly kites, and color easter eggs! Spring is also when we celebrate many holidays such as St. Patrick's Day, Earth Day, and Mother's Day! By visting these fun and educational websites you can learn all sorts of new information about spring. 

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* Click on the pictures to visit the websites.

girl with watering can
Gardening is something fun you can do in the spring. There are all sorts of things you can plant. Click here to find out how to plant your very own garden.
Want to know if the temperature changes to cooler or warmer in the spring. Encyclopedia Britannica will tell you!
two smiling flowers
Did you know that flowers have different parts just like humans? Investigate the encarta to see all the parts of a flower and what purpose they serve.
Did you know that Earth Day is a spring holiday? Click here to see what you can do help your neighborhood out.
On March 17, we celebrate St Patrick's Day. This holiday is special because St. Patrick drove all the snakes out of Ireland. Learn more about St. Patrick by visiting this site!
red kite
The strong wind in the spring makes for perfect weather to fly a kite. If you click on the red kite you can learn how to make your own.
bunny in a basket
This is a fun website that is filled with all sorts of Easter games. You can color easter eggs, play a matching games and all sorts of other things.
happy mother's day sign
Mother's Day is also a spring holiday! Click here to find out what neats things you can do for your mom!
Aren't butterflies are beautiful! We tend to see a lot of them in the spring. Visit this site to learn more about them.
During the spring many baby animals are born. Do you know the names of baby animals? You can learn their names by visiting this fun site!

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Scenario Mission

With spring here all the baby animals are being born. You have been asked to draw a picture of your favorite baby animal and tell a little about it. To learn more about baby animals first visit the site above. After visting this site draw a picture of your animal and give a short description of your drawing.

Mission Steps

1. Tell the students that they are going to be drawing a picture of their favorite type of baby animal.
2. Have the students go to the website about baby animals and find an animal of their choice.
3. Give each student a piece of paper and crayons.
4. Have the students draw and color their animal.
5. Have the students tell you a little bit about their picture when they are done.

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