The Rainbow Fish
Author Marcus Pfister
Page Designed by Hannah Durham

fish of all different colors swimming under water
    The story starts at the bottom of the ocean where all the beautiful fish live. There was one special fish, the rainbow fish. His scales were of shades of blue, green and purple. He also had shiny scales that glitter under the water. These scales are his most prizes scales.

    The rainbow fish started to become very proud and selfish. He became so selfish that he refused to share his shiny scales with the other fish. Eventually, he had no friends left, and he felt very lonely. The rainbow fish goes and asks a wise octopus for advice. The octopus tell the rainbow fish to give away his beauty and "discover how to be happy".

    The rainbow fish begins to give his shiny scales away and he starts to feel different. He learns what it means to share with friends. The other fish begin to accept him again. The rainbow fish finds true beauty and happiness.

Critical Thinking Questions
1. What does it mean to you to share with your friends?
2. If you were the rainbow fish would you share your shiny scales with the other fish?

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