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big white daisyHello! My name is Hannah Durham, and I am a Junior at Valdosta State University. I am seeking a degree in Early Childhood Education with hopes of finishing school with a masters in December 2006.  I hope to one day teach kindergarten within the Georgia School System.

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I am orginally from Blakely, Georgia, which sits in the heart of Early County. I have lived there my entire life, with my parents and two brothers. One day I plan on returning there to teach. My parents' home is exactly one mile from Georgia's Kolomoki Mounds State Park. I have not had the opportunity to travel that far from home, but I dream of one day visiting Australia.

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I do not really have any hobbies. I like to spend time with Cole, my boyfriend, and with my friends. I am actively involved in the Baptist Student Union here on campus. This spring break I will be going with the BSU to New York on a mission trip. I am really excited about that! My boyfriend and I enjoy watching the University of Georgia Bulldogs  University of Georgia 'G' play football . I have gone on several mission trips with my home church . Every year we travel to Macon, Georgia for the Youth Evangelism Conference. Some of my favorite things are Mt. Dews mountain dew logo, the color PINK, bowling, watching my little brother play basketball and country music. OH, I almost forgot, my favorite flowers are DAISIES!

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