Barnyard Buddies!!
This TopicQuest was designed for M. Ivey's Kindergarten Class at Quitman Elementary School by Heather Quinn, a Valdosta State University Preservice  Teacher


Have you ever wondered about all the animals that you would see on a farm?  Think about what all the animals would sound like.   Do you think it would be fun to visit a farm and see all of the animals?  By using these web sites, you can learn so much about farm animals!!


  Do you want to learn about the  animal sounds  you would hear on a farm?
What sound does a cow make? What does a horse sound like?
Find out!! Scroll down to the picture with the chicken playing the horn.  Click on the colored words next to that picture.

Go to this amazing website to find out All About Farm Animals.  Click on the name or the picture to find more links to information about that animal.

If you like to color then visit these awesome farm coloring pages.  Just Click on the animal that you are interested in and print it out to color!

How would you like to visit a farm?  Take this online tour of an actual farm!  The actual photos will help you recognize real farm animals!

 At the  Davis Farmland  you can look through the kids fun pages and work through the interesting information.  Find out more about the endangered animals they are working to protect.

  If you like to play games or have fun with different activities then visit this farm animals activity website.

Have you ever thought about making a farm animal out of a toilet paper roll? Find that and other interesting Farm Animal Activities here.

Do you know which animals belong on a farm and which belong in the zoo?  Do you know what sounds the animals make? Go to this site and you can even read a story about Elmo on a farm!

Do you know what farm animals are called when they are babies?  Take a look at these farm babies to learn a little more about barnyard buddies!
fat pig in overalls

Lets Learn About Farm Animals!  At this web site you can learn about four specific farm animals: cows, pigs, sheep, and chickens.  Click on the name to learn what we  can get from these animals.

Scenario Mission
You are a private investigator who has just been hired by a farmer.  His award winning calf is missing and he needs your help to find out why someone would want to steal this animal.  

    Your client wants you to tell about your findings and list 2 specific things that you learned about this animal.  You will need to tell 2 reasons this animal is used on farms.

     In addition, you need to draw a picture of the animal you learned about to help you recognize the type of animal if you see it in the future.  

       The TopicQuest Page has some links you might want to stop at in your search for your farm animals information. The farm babies website tells about farm animals when they are little.  Let that start you off on what animal you need to research most!

Mission Steps

1. Explore with your teacher farm babies and other websites for information to write notes and draw pictures for your files and records.

2. Think about the animal you are researching, and also think about which farm animal is your favorite

3. Write or describe to your teacher 2 specific things that you learned about the animal you are searching for.

4. Draw a picture of your favorite animal and a picture of the animal that you were researching.

5. Give your information and drawings to your teacher to scan and publish on the Internet.

people in a tire
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