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bubblesBy: Heather Quinn


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My name is Heather Quinn and I love to laugh and have fun!!   I am a junior and majoring in Early Childhood Education at Valdosta State University.

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Duck Tape...Get it?!
         (no relation to theme, I just liked this picture!!)

I have just started actually being in the classroom with students and I am loving it!  I am currently helping out in Ms. Ivey's kindergarten class at Quitman Elementary School.  This school is in Brooks County, Georgia.  In Ms. Ivey's class, we always have a whale of a time! 
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I do not think that I could ask for a better school for my first practicum.  All of the teachers and staff seem genuinely interested in helping us student teachers become aquainted with the environment. 

In our particular class there are twelve students.  Five of the students are girls and the other seven are boys! This class is so special because they mind so well.  All of the children make sure that they respect the adults.  Ms. Ivey rarely has to discipline her students.  I have already been given opportunities to work with the students in small groups and read aloud to the class.  Being in such a positive atmopshere helps keep me refreshed and energized.

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