What Are Baby Animals Called?
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Corbett's Kindergarten class at Lake Park Elementary School by Heather Cummings, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher


Did you know that a baby cow is called a calf?  Most baby animals are called different names than their parents.  Check out these fun websites all about baby animals!

Learn the names of these
baby animals.  See if you can click
on the correct word for
these baby animals!

Do you know what baby farm animals are called?  Click on images to learn the names of
farm animals and their babies!

Experience wildlife in the Smoky Mountains!  Listen to Smoky Mountain music as you read interesting facts about the baby animals!
Learn about More Baby Animals!
Fill in the blanks to guess the baby animal names, and Squigly will tell you if you are right!

Do you know what a baby
lion is called?  Find this answer and many more baby animals!

Listen to the sounds that these animals make and chose the correct answer.  Can you say which baby animals make these sounds?
What are the Males, Females, Babies,
and Groups of Animals Called?
Discover the answers in Enchanted Learning.

Explore baby animals on Encarta!  This encyclopedia site will help you learn the names of animal young.
girl hippo
Check out this online
story picture book.  It's all
about baby animals!

Hop aboard the ship. Rescue
the ten baby animals!

Pretend that you are a farmer and you have lost a baby animal.   You  want to put up a sign for your lost baby animal.  You hope that someone will see your signs and find the baby animal.  You must find a picture of the baby animal and write the correct name for it under the picture.  Visit the farm baby animal web page to find the name and picture of your lost baby animal.
1.  Go to the farm baby animal site.
2.  What animal have you lost?  Click on the animal that you have lost.
3.  Look at the picture  and the word for that baby animal. 
4.  Use the paper your teacher gives you to draw a picture of the baby animal.  Write the word for the baby animal under the picture.
5.  Above your picture write the word LOST.
6.  You have made a lost baby animal sign.  Your teacher will post your sign on her webpage for everyone to see!

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