Curious George
Flies a Kite

Margret Rey

Picture and Story by Heather Cummings

  curious george 

    Curious George lives in a house with the man with the yellow hat.   The man with the yellow  hat leaves George alone, but George is very curious.  George plays with his new big ball, and it rolls into another room.  George looks out a window in the other room and forgets about the ball.  George sees two houses in the yard next to his.  One of the houses is in a large garden, and the house is very small.  George is curious to find out who lives in that house.  George leaves his house and heads for the little house. 
    The little house is full of one mama bunny and lots of baby bunnies.  George thinks that it will be fun to play with the little bunnies, so he takes one out of the little house.  George plays hide and seek with bunny, but he loses the bunny.  Mother Bunny helps Curious George find the baby bunny, and he returns the bunny to the house.
    Next Curious George sees a man carrying a fishing pole.  George follows the man to the lake, and he decides to make his own fishing pole.  George uses things from his house to make a pole, and he puts cake on the end of it.  George does not catch any fish, but he ends up falling into the lake.
    George's friend, Bill, is flying his kite, and he comes to help George.  George saves Bill's kite from the tree, but George becomes very curious.  George tries to fly the kite by himself, but the wind lifts him and the kite into the sky.  Bill runs to find the man with the yellow hat to rescue George.  The man with the yellow hat flies a helicopter to save George in the air.  When George returns home, Bill gives George a bunny from the little house to take home.

1.  How do you think Curious George felt when he flew into the air with the kite?
2.  What do you think Curious George did with the baby bunny that Bill gave him?

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