Flip-Flop to Heather's Beach Party
Designed by Heather Cummings


        I have always been amazed by the determination and enthusiasm of children.  Working with and helping children is my passion, which is why I have decided to teach elementary students.  Beside my career interest, I also enjoy interior design and art.  I gather creative ideas and inspiration from my favorite television shows, Trading Spaces and Surprise by Design.   Other activities I enjoy are running, rollerblading, tennis, and swimming.  I value time with my family and friends, who always offer encouragement and support.  Above all, I praise God for everyday that he has given me.

fish   I lived in Tifton, Georgia for nineteen years of my life.  I was raised in a brick home one block away from my elementary school, Annie Belle Clark, with my two sisters and both parents.  Tifton is a small southern town known for its clean and friendly community.  I currently reside in the metropolitan city of Valdosta, Georgia.
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    Valdosta State University is located near the Florida line in south Georgia.  The Spanish Mission-style campus is known for its beautiful architecture.  A number of student activities are available, as well as a helpful and encouraging staff.  I am currently working towards a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, and I plan to further my education with a Master's degree in education.   Due to my interest in the language and the increasing number of Spanish speaking students, I also intend to minor in Spanish.  I will do everything I am capable of in order to provide a  fun and effective education for my students.

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