The First Thanksgiving
This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Carter at Echols County School
Designed by Hayley Snipes, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

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Everyone has their idea of Thanksgiving, but do you know the exact
definition given by the online encyclepedia?

The Pilgrims came over to the United States with many items to help them survive.  To better understand what the items looked like why dont we take a look at what items the Pilgrims brought to Plymouth Rock, Massachusettes.

 The Pilgrims came to Plymouth Rock, Massachusettes from England.  In order to arrive here they sailed over the ocean in a boat called the Mayflower.  Why don't we pretend to be the Pilgrims and take a virtual tour of the Mayflower?

The men, women, and children who sailed over those many years ago did not quite wear the same type of clothing that we wear today.  The women wore dresses with aprons, the men wore short breeches with hats, and the young girls also wore aprons with dresses.  Let's a take a look at some of the clothing worn by the Pilgrims. 

Would you like to see a Picture Timeline of the Pilgrims beginning when they first left England for the United States?  You can view one here.
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Just for a little extra fun....we're goin' on a Turkey Hunt! Let's see if you can find Mr. Turkey!

Mission Activity
Let's pretend that you are a Pilgrim back during the 1600's.  You are you getting ready to sail off in the Mayflower across the big, blue ocean with all of your Pilgrim family and friends. You realize that you need to take some supplies with you to survive the trip to America.  What supplies will you bring on the Mayflower?

Mission Activity Steps
1) First, let's see what the Pilgrims brought with them on the Mayflower by clicking on supplies.
2) Next, let's take a virtual tour through the ship, the Mayflower by clicking on the Mayflower.
3) Lastly, draw a picture of you, as a Pilgrim, sailing across the ocean on the Mayflower with the supplies that you've decided you need to survive the two month trip.    

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