Exploring Linear Functions

This Integrating Technology eBook was designed and developed for

Mrs. Peacock's and Mrs. Henderson's 9th Grade Mathematics 1 Class

at Ware County High School


Georgia Standard MM1A1:  Students will explore and interpret the characteristics of functions, using
graphs, tables, and simple algebraic techniques.
a. Represent functions using function notation.                                                       
b. Graph the basic functions f(x) = xª, where a = 1 to 3, f(x) = x, f(x) = |x|, and f(x) = ¼.
c. Graph transformations of basic functions including vertical shifts,                          
stretches, and shrinks, as well as reflections across the x- and y-axes.
g. Explore rates of change, comparing constant rates of change (i.e., slope)                  
versus variable rates of change. Compare rates of change of linear,
quadratic, square root, and other function families.                    

PLO:  Students will evaluate linear functions by exploring rate of change using a table and graph and interpret transformations of the graph.

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