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Math is food for the brain!

Welcome to Ware County High School, home of the Gators!  WCHS is proud to be a Talent Development High School (TDHS).  As a freshman, you have now entered the Cornerstone Academy, which will provide you with the building blocks to be successful in high school.  WCHS is located in Waycross, GA in the heart of the Okefenokee Swamp.  Waycross's claim to fame is that we are "the largest city, in the largest county, in the largest state East of the Mississippi!"  And You are now a student in the largest high school!  Go GATORS!!!

Cornerstone                          WCHS                         Okefenokee Swamp

Now that you know a little more about your school, it's time to meet your teachers!  That's right, I said teachers!!  You have now entered a co-taught classroom.  There are two teachers in this classroom at all times.   That means there are two sets of eyes to watch you, ears to hear you, and most of all, helping hands to support you! 

Meet Mrs. Peacock

My name is Mrs. Brittany Peacock!  This is my second year teaching, although it is my first as a Peacock (last year I was Ms. Dukes).  I got married the day after school ended this past year, so it may take me a while to answer to Mrs. Peacock, but I know you all will help me get used to the new name.  I graduated from Ware County High School and attended college at the University of Georgia (Goooo Dawgs) where I received a Bachelors of Science in Psychology!  I am currently working on my Master's Degree through Valdosta State University.  I love to be involved in any way I can.  At WCHS, I am assistant varsity football cheerleading coach and serve as the sponsor for the Cornerstone Advisory Council.  I am also very involved in our community as both Mrs. Henderson and I are members of the Waycross Service League.

Meet Mrs. Henderson

My name is Mrs. Christiane Henderson and this is my third year teaching at Ware County High School.  I also attended Ware County High School for two years, but actually graduated from Ware County Magnet School.  I received my Bachelors degree in Education at Valdosta State University and am also currently working towards completion of my Master's degree through VSU.   I am married and have one son, Blade, and you will soon notice, I have one more baby on the way! 

Math is awesome!                 Math 1                 Math rocks!
As a ninth grader, you are required to take Mathematics 1.  This math course is much different from what your parents and your teachers took when we were in high school.  The Math 1 curriculum is now based on frameworks from the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS) and is composed of units covering Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis/Statistics.  While there is a lot of content covered during this course, we have designed the class to be accompanied by a Math Support class, which allows us to review each unit at a slower pace. 

Math joke

Classroom News
We will update this section with information about the 2009-2010 school year at a later date.  Stay tuned!!!

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eBook Website
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Georgia ONmyLINE

Student Resource Guide for Math 1
Cool Math
Cool Math Website
Designed to make math fun, this website
covers anything from pre-algebra to trigonometry.
Use these sites to review, remediate, or accelerate your
learning of all Math 1 concepts.
Brain Pop
Brain Pop Website
This website offers exciting videos and
interactive quizzes over a variety of math concepts.

Geometry game
Geometry Eyeballing Game
Test your ability to correctly sketch a variety of
geometrical shapes as this website relates fundamentals
of mathematics to real world applications.
Georgia Math Resources
Georgia Math Resources
This page will allow you to create your own account by which
you can study and review 8th grade CRCT test questions
and brush up on 8th grade curriculum.

Any questions or concerns feel free to email us.
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