Letters and their Silly Sounds

This Topic Mini- Research & Literature Web page
was developed for Mrs. Patrick's kidergarten class at Parker Mathis Elementary School
Designed by: Heather Wall, a Valdosta State University Preservice teacher


Can you make all the sounds that the letters in the alphabet form? 

Click here and you will be able to hear the letter sounds as you move through the alphabet.
Do you know what words have the same sounds?

 Let Clifford help you match pictures that begin with the same sounds at Cliffords House.

Can you match pictures with letter sounds?

 Click here and help the rocket ship take off by correctly matching letters with pictures.

Can you help Big Bird send his letters off  with the right objects? 

Go into the Sesame Workshop and help your favorite characters solve their problems with letter sounds.

Mini-Reasearch Real-World Activity

Pretend that you are going to Sesame Street to visit Big Bird and his friends.  You are going to help Big Bird teach his lesson today.  On the way down to Sesame Street Big Bird tripped and fell and all of his letters got mixed up.  Now it is up to you to get everything straightened out. You are going to look  aound the room and  pick three items that you want to draw and color. After you have drawn and colored all three pictures you are  going to lable the pictures with the letter that they begin with.



Steps for Real-World Activity

1. Go to the Starfall website and click on each letter of the alphabet one at a time.

2. Then go to the Sesame Workshop and help Big Bird identify which pictures belong with certain letters. Go to
games and play "Big Bird gets a Letter".

3. After you have gone to both websites look around the room and pick three items to draw and color on three seperate sheets of paper. (Examples: Eraser, teacher)

4. Then lable each picture with the letter that they begin with.


Topic Literature Activity
Dr. Seuss's ABC
Dr. Seuss


Topic Literature Activity
Using Critical Thinking Questions
letters            Starfall Website               

B. Critical Thinking Questions

1. What is something that begins with the letter F?

2. What is your favorite letter? Why?


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