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Designed By: Heather Wall


Hi. My name is Heather Wall.  I am currently a junior at Valdosta State University and I am pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education.  Before I moved to Valdosta I lived in Richmond Hill, GA.  Richmond Hill is right outside of Savannah, GA.  I graduated from Richmond Hill High School when I was seventeen.  I then went to Armstrong Atlantic State University for one semester and from there I transferred to Valdosta State.  


My Favorite thing in the whole world is to be out in the Ogeechee river.  My friends and I are always in the boat cruising to the beach or just riding around in the river.  I love to water ski, kneeboard, and tube.  When I lived in Richmond Hill we were in the boat almost every weekend.  The water is probably the thing I miss the most from home.

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There are so many helpful websites that teachers can use for resources.  One I found that is extremely helpful is the Teachers Corner
This website features a variety of lesson plans, bulletin board ideas, and thematic units.  These would all dramatically help with preplanning.  This website also features tips to help new teachers, ideas for classroom management, and a store for classroom items.  Another very informative and helpful website is Teacher Planet The most unique thing about this website is that it features a teacher tutor.  This website also allows you to sign up for freebies that may help in your classroom.

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