Let's Go For A Ride

This TopicQuest was designed for Mrs. Ranee's pre-k class at Moody Air Force Base by Heidi Rice, a Valdosta State University PreserviceTeacher.


There are many different ways to travel.  Airplanes, cars, buses, trains, bikes, are just a few types of transportaion.  There are many more.  I am sure most of you ride in a car or a truck everyday.  Have you ever thought about how many ways there are to travel from one place to another? Check out the links below to learn about all types of transportation.

1. Let's learn about boats and boat safety.  Do not forget your life jacket! This is going to be fun!
2. Airplanes are one type of transportion that many people travel on everyday. On this website you can find different fun activities to do that deals with airplanes.
3. This is a fun website to learn about school buses.  Here you can click on the different parts of a school bus and learn about that part.
4. Let's Take a trip to Transportation Wonderland! We can learn about every type of transportation here.
5. Let's let Fact Monster tell us what transportation is and the many different ways we travel.
books 6. Let's use the encyclopedia to find information about different types of transportation

Misssion Activity
   You are one of the lucky kids who just won a trip to Six Flags Over Georgia In Atlanta.  You get to choose any type of transportation to take you there.  There are a few websites for you to explore to help you make your decision.  After you have explored the websites you need to choose which one you would like to take.  Draw a picture of the type of transportation you chose and tell one interesting thing about it.
Mission Steps
1. Explore some of the websites with your teacher to learn about different types of transportation.  Decide which one you want to take on your

2.  Draw a picture of the type of transportation that you chose.

3. Explain to your teacher why you chose this type, and tell her one interesting thing about it.

4.  Give your drawing to your teacher.


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