Ms. Knox's Summer Reading Adventures

Designed by Hattie Knox


boyreadWelcome to The Schenck School's Summer Reading Adventures!  The Schenck School is angirlread awesome place in Atlanta, GA that helps kids learn special rules and tricks for reading and writing using the Orton-Gillingham Approach.  You'll be amazed by how much you'll learn this summer, but you won't even notice because you'll be having so much fun!


tourguideI'm Ms. Knox, and I will be your tour guide safari
and fearless leader on our summer reading adventure.

 I have a little dog named Oliver, who is a "hybrid" dog breed  (that means that he's a mix between two types).  Oliver and I love hanging out at Piedmont Park and Park Grounds.
Our favorite place to visit is Seagrove Beach, FL.


When I was your age, I was a student at The Schenck School too! 
That's right, I'm dyslexic just like you!

mirror                        dyswelcome

In addition to our awesome adventures with reading, we can also talk about some of the
things that are hard about having dyslexia...


and about some of the gifts that make dyslexics so great! 


This summer, our adventure will include 3rd, 4th and 5th grade kids just like you
 from all over the city, state, and even other parts of the country! 

We'll be doing fun activities and playing games that will help us
bookwormbookbuglearn to break down words for reading
and build up our vocabulary, fluency and reading comprehension.

Below you will find links to even more reading and writing games that you can play at home and even after camp is over to keep these skills fresh. 

Fun Resources for Readers and Writers grades 3-5!
grammarlink writinglink
Signed Stories
Listen and read along with subtitles!
Spelling City
Games for your own learned words!
 Wacky Web Tales
  Choose your own crazy MadLibs! 
Make Beliefs Comix
 Design and write your own comics!

Two more wonderful resources for parents (which also include additional activities for kids) are Reading Rockets and The American Library Association's Thinking Outside the Book.

Ms. Knox's Camp News and Important Dates
Information will be added after conference times are determined.

Additional Information:
livetext ebook
eBook coming soon!

Please feel free to e-mail me!