Let's Talk Turkey
This Topic Mini-Research & Literature Web Page
 was developed for Mrs. Downing's Pre-K Class at Lomax Elementary School
 Designed By Gail Golden, at Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher

brownturk What do we know about turkeys?  This website will tell us many things about turkeys and where they live.
tanturk What is a boy turkey called? What is a girl turkey called? Let's visit The American Turkey to see if he can help us answer these question.
brownturk We have learned so much information about turkeys. Did you know turkeys can talk? The boy turkey makes one sound and the girl turkey makes another sound. Can you tell me which sound the boy turkey makes?
tanturk Why is eating turkey so popular during the Thanksgiving holidays?  We are going to get some cool information that will tell us why eating turkey is so important to us during the holidays.

Mini-Research Real-World Activity

Tonya and Tonka Turkey are inviting all of their turkey friends to their home for a big Thanksgiving party. Tonka loves having pictures of his friends printed in their local newspaper The Gobblin Gazette.  Tonya called The Gobblin Gazette office to invite their artist to the party. To her surprise all the artists were out of town drawing pictures for other animal parties. This made Tonka and Tonya very sad. They need your help. It would make Tonka very happy for you to draw a picture of one of his friends to put in their local newspaper. If you have trouble remembering what a turkey looks like The American Turkey have lots of pictures for you to see. Have fun at the party and do not forget to take your crayons and paper to draw your favorite guest.
Steps For Real-World Activity

You have arrived as a guest and artist at Tonya and Tonka's Thanksgiving party. It is time for you to get to work and draw your favorite turkey at the party. Follow the steps below and your pictures will be perfect to print in The Gobblin Gazette.

 1. Get a sheet of plain white paper to draw your favorite turkey at the party.

 2. You will need crayons to draw and color your picture.

 3. Make sure you write the name of the guest on your picture. If you need help with spelling or writing a word be sure to ask for help.

4.  When you have finished with your drawing take it to the                     editor(teacher or adult) of The Gobblin Gazette to print your picture in the Monday's newspaper.

Now that your work is done and the party is over it is time to say goodbye to all the guest.  The only way to say goodbye at a turkey party is by gobbling. Forgot how to gobble? Gobble Gobble!!

Topic Literature Activity

Sample Cover
by Mari Schuh

Topic Literature Activity
 Using Critical Thinking Questions


A. _guest and artist_____________________________  (Picture & Topic Link)
Link that introduces your topic information and has a connection with your literature book.

B. List your two critical thinking questions for your topic-related literature book.

1. If you were a turkey, where would you live and why?

2. If you had a farm, what animals would you have and why?


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