Emotion Management

(Dealing with waiting)

This Topic Quest was designed for Mrs.
sowards' Pre-Kindergarten Class at North Brooks  Elementary School by Gina Jackson, a Valdosta State University Preservice Teacher.

"The ability to wait is an important part of emotion management."  When you're excited, it can be hard to wait.  Thinking about something else or using a way to calm down can help.  Once you're calm, it is easier to wait.

Surf the net on this fun and interesting website.  Never run out of patience again!

Patience is a virtue on the web.  Tips that are easily learned by children with a little help.

Play these games while you wait.

Games, Games,
Games and

Need something to do while you wait?  Visit Reading Rainbow.

Bible Studies and Devotions for kids.

Tired of being bored?  Try some of these Crayola Activities.

100 Songs for kids.  Songs to sing while you patiently wait!

Learn to be patient while you color.  Have fun coloring these pages.
Fun car games to play while you travel

Not your average kids site.  Kididdles

Scenario Mission

Imagine you are in line waiting to buy icecream in the lunchroom. A  person is behind you.  That person is impatient.  She wiggles and whines.  You are very calm.  The girl behind you is really thirsty and can't wait to eat her icecream, but you are first in line.   The girl pushes and looks over your shoulder at the icecream in the freezer box. 
Mission Steps
1.Take deep breaths.
2. Count out loud: 1...2...3...4...
3. Think of  other things to do while you wait.
i.e.: quietly sing songs
play quiet games
4. Draw a picture of what you do while you are being patient. 
5. Give to the teacher to put on the internet.

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